Never be Without your Music

Whatever you like (soft rock, classical, Goth or metal), you don’t ever have to be without your music thanks to modern technology. Music is the preferred mode of instant gratification. It is entertainment at your fingertips. You have basically two choices: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when it comes to Outdoor Light and Sound. Do you wonder about the difference between them? I did. I wasn’t sure about which one was best for my needs. Are you reader for a speaker lesson today?

Let’s start with Wi-Fi. They use AC power and connect to your home network. They are great if you want sound in a special room. They offer remote control which is essential. You can store your tunes on a cloud. You can coordinate this system easily into your existing audio system, making Wi-Fi an attractive option. You want to listen to your favorite radio station, you got it.

On the other hand, Bluetooth speakers connect to your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet, whatever you own. I like the compact design of these battery-powered devices since it allows you to travel or go outdoors. Stow them in your backpack in a special compartment. Like Wi-Fi, you don’t use a network. Just plug the speakers into your music source and stay within thirty feet. Don’t worry about receiving calls on your cellular phone since the music will automatically stop. So brilliant!

This is it in a nutshell. What’s even better is that you can buy both technologies. They have different principles and work at different ranges. I like Wi-Fi for my home network system and home theater receiver and it is perfectly compatible with so many electronic devices. In fact, you can use several at one time. It is what is called a “two-way” system, meaning it can receive and send data. You can get streaming audio and send downloaded images from the Internet. In essence, it deals with audio and video/images.

What are the pros of Bluetooth? We have to be fair in our coverage! This is ideal for portable speakers, car audio receivers, and wireless headphones. A big difference in terms of connectivity is that you use one device at a time. This is called “one way” transmission and it happens to be audio exclusively. It has a different bandwidth. Wi-Fi is higher, allowing for large files (video or high-res audio). As for Bluetooth, it is smaller and uses less energy. This mean’s your battery will last longer on your portable speakers. I love the practicality and reliability.

I could go on. You can get into bitrate and range and all kinds of esoteric details, but let’s end here. You know enough to make a good choice because the purposes of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth vary enormously. You can make an informed decision about one or the other; I suggest both. I use them extensively in different ways. It is easy to make a modest investment and get your music delivered wherever you are.