Strange Show Last Night

Goth is a way of life night and day. You can easily fill the hours with imagery, music, stories and tales. It is a fun genre full of magic and mystery. When I first encountered it, I was hooked. I have a pretty good collection of albums right now. I wish I had more people to share them with. It is a movement on the wane, but my friends and I have stuck with it. What others find odd, I find appealing. What others deem offensive, I consider entertaining. Give it a chance and see what is inside this alternative music. Plus, I like to dress part and love it when others do likewise.

If I attend a concert, I am in the right spirit. You can bet on that. I have a couple of choices of garb, all basic black. Variations come in metal quasi-religious jewelry—of the large and chunky type. I get ideas from bands that come into town, plus what I see on the Web. There is a lot of material from which to choose. It always surprises me when I see something different. I thought I had uncovered it all. Not so.

With my favorite genre, you can always count on a surprise. Last night at an all-ages Goth metal concert, I was astounded at the attire. While the pants and tops were of the usual type, I was amazed at the cool and custom welding helmets the group wore. Sure, they were customized and painted in weird colors like purple and metallic bronze. It was artistic genius. The only issue I had was how the musicians could see while performing. I assumed it was difficult not knowing much about welding shields. They are transparent, even though dark. How did they do it? I found out just by asking that welding helmets are auto-darkening if you program them. This way they could hide their eyes and stay incognito as desired.

This is pure Goth creativity at work. Bravo. When life seems routine, I often wish that I would like to design “costumes” for this secretive genre. So much has been done and the media has spread the word, but there is still room to grow. I would add touches of white, which is not usually done, and maybe weird colors and patterns with a flame or zigzag motif. I would bring Goth into the modern world and give it an aura of sci-fi. It would, however, still be lugubrious. Hand painted helmets would be a big part of the look. I would buy welding helmets either used or on special. My designs would confirm my identity as a Goth designer. This is my new goal.

It all may sound a bit Halloween to you, but Goth always has been outré. If it were in and trendy, I would gravitate toward it at all. It is all about letting out the rebel in your soul. This is why it has such great appeal to the young.