Stress Relief

Stress is the bane of human existence. I wonder if vampires feel it. Ha! No kidding. Stress is a killer and it plagues most everyone. We all must find a way to release it. Ignoring stress and anxiety just makes it built up more. It is unhealthy and can aggravate some medical conditions. It can come from anywhere. Most people say that work elicits feelings of stress at least several times a month. Secondary to work is the home environment. Money seems to be a big culprit; by this I mean a lack of. The degree of stress relates to the amount in deficit. I pity these poor souls.

The nature of the music that I like lets me go deep into myself as if I were hypnotized. Over time, I relax and let go of any residual stress. It is like a magic potion for my injured soul. Wow. This is getting serious. I just wanted a blog that would give tips for dealing with stress. I have another method that is entirely opposite. For relief, I also enjoy playing indoor soccer. Running around and kicking a ball all over the place makes me feel good. Sports are known to be a healthy release of anxiety – any kind of movement. I prefer soccer as I have a group of friends who join me, and we even went out and bought a really good soccer ball for indoor pla from We get so intense about a match that we forget our troubles. I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t found a good way to deal with stress yet.

Stress can come from low self-esteem, lack of confidence, the burden of caring for another, public speaking and performance. My stress is personal and has to do with relationship issues or arguments with family. My father hates goth metal and drives me to the brink of insanity with his tirades about it. When I feel the onset of stress, I have to get away—fast. I retreat into my shell and listen to my favorite albums for hours on end. It’s hard to believe goth metal calms me down, but it does in spite of the dark atmosphere and aggressive sounds. Goth is alternatively called death metal, doom metal, and gothic rock for those new to the genre. The lyrics are not surprisingly melodramatic, often inspired by gothic fiction with a bit of lugubrious personal experience thrown in. Maybe you have heard of top bands like After Forever, Rainbow, Dio, HIM, and Nightwish. Judas Priest is a big standout.

What I like about goth metal is how it superbly melds the bleak atmosphere of goth rock with the blaring aggressive guitars of heavy metal. It is the perfect amalgam of two styles. Fans adore the sense of theater and dabbling in religion and horror. I can get lost in all this excitement, submerging myself in spooky textures and ethereal synths. The darker the sound the better when I am in a funk. The music transports me to another realm outside of myself.