Never Again

When I attend a goth concert, I go all out and wear face and body makeup, just like the other fans. I can’t imagine having fun without this ambiance of fun and frolic. Part of the experience is “acting out.” I used to spend a lot of time online getting ideas. I also buy my products on the Internet. This turned out to be a big mistake recently. I wore a new brand and when I got home, I couldn’t wash the darn stuff off with the usual method of soap and water. I tried mascara remover, pumice soap, and alcohol-based tonic. Finally, a combination of everything worked but my face was rough and red. The process was too difficult to repeat. I say, “never again.” The next time I became another persona, I removed the makeup when taking a long, hot shower. It helped and I was glad that I had a good hot water heater system that didn’t stop working despite my drain on its efficiency. It is tankless and stores only what you need based on typical usage. When I replaced the old-fashioned tank, I was worried about quantity; but a problem never materialized. I can shower for as long as I want.

This is the beauty of a modern state-of-the-art tankless unit from Water Heater Watch. It takes less space, is easy to install, saves on your electricity and water bills, and isn’t bad looking. I bought it on the advice of a friend who also loves long, drawn-out showers every morning. He has a family and swears that no one after him complains. I followed his lead and got one promptly. Now I rely on it to rinse away my goth image. I have also put in a waterproof sound system so I can listen to my favorite music while I get clean. No, I can never get enough. Even after a long concert, I turn it on.

Such are the requirements of a goth lifestyle. It is more than dwelling on the dark side of human nature and parading around in imitation of strange beings. It is about amusement, camaraderie, entertainment, and more. Going goth is to brand oneself as an individual with unique qualities. It is also about interacting and sharing with like spirits. What is wrong with expressing yourself through attire, makeup, music, and behavior? The goth subculture resonates with my soul.

One of the ways to pass the word is to use Facebook and Instagram to document our appearance and the places we meet. We also have certain clubs we frequent as a group where no one says a word. You can mock us all you want and we turn the other cheek. We persist as we want a real identity and to be part of something out of the ordinary. Wearing black expresses who I am inside. Why not pursue what makes you happy? Let me know how you feel.

Call it a cult, a mania, a subculture, or whatever you like. It doesn’t matter.