A Night Out

I am privileged to have great friends and I admire them all, vampire lovers or not. Yes, not everyone is into this dark world of mystery and magic. However, after hanging with me, it does rub off. We get together one and all to watch old TV episodes of Vampire Diaries and the best films. When something new comes out, we are excited to the max. I don’t need an excuse to stay over at a friend’s house. We can drink the fizzy blood I bring (ha) or not. We pig out while we read sections of Thirsty by M.T. Anderson aloud with all the drama we can command. It can keep us up all night. How appropriate for vampire aficionados! When our eyes get tired, we doze off listening to our favorite music.

While this is a typical night with a friend, the last time I got together with one in particular, the evening took an entirely different turn. She had just purchased a new portable trampoline suitable for the average home backyard. What a kick. I wonder what moved her to do this. Once we played a few games from this list on it to amuse ourselves and get some much-needed exercise, I knew why. The trampoline lends itself to competition. Kids have known this for some time. You can bounce forever as it is hypnotic, but with a friend, why not take the games to another level. You can alternate turns and assign points for certain tricks. A knee jump, straddle, pike, seat landing, etc. each get a predetermined score. Twists and somersaults will take you to the winner’s circle. I am not that adept at this “sport” while my friend has been practicing since the device’s delivery. Is that fair? I guess you have to do with the flow.

I am not interested enough to buy my own trampoline, but I sure do enjoy using hers. I worked up a sweat to my amazement. Now I can forego the gym from time to time. In fact, after the first experience, I was hooked and have returned quite often. I might take back what I said about getting my own gadget. The gym doesn’t have one so it is my friend or nothing. Just let me do it one more time, I beg. It sounds like lyrics from a song.

I never expected at my age to find a new pastime that rivals my interest in the night creatures. I have the idea of combining my hobbies by painting an image of a vampire on the trampoline mat. Would that be like smashing his face in as I jump? I just thought of this and maybe it is not such a good idea. I have the urge to do some artwork so maybe I will just name my friend’s trampoline Prince Lestat. This should take care of my craving to express myself while giving due to my new passion.