Do You Play?

When people think of me, they automatically get images of Goth gear. Just because I am into Goth music and lifestyle doesn’t mean I am completely one-dimensional. Well, maybe a little bit. I proved my critics wrong when I said yes to a pickup basketball game the other day. They didn’t have enough players and, believe it or not, I played it in school. No, I was not the last team member to be selected. In those days, height didn’t matter since we were all about the same, but some of us good shoot hoops with skill. If you were lucky enough to have equipment at home attached to your garage, you probably practiced often enough to be a star player.

Well, I wasn’t exactly the top talent, but I still had some good shots in me. Since it had been decades, I was pretty sure I would hate resurrecting a kid’s game. Could I play like an adult with taller people? Would I make a fool of myself? Wouldn’t I just rather be listening to Goth music? I tried not to answer any of these questions as it would deter me from joining my friend. I wanted to oblige him as he had done a lot of favors for me over the years. I vowed to be a good sport.

On game day, I put on my favorite iTunes playlist to get revved up and ready for action. It worked because I played fairly well and was an asset to the team, or so they said. I had a good time and would even consider resuming the activity in the future. It could be a new pastime. Maybe, but it was not likely to tear me away from my Goth bands. My friend said he expected me to get my own portable basketball hoop at home. Ha! Just like in my youth. It sure brought back fond memories of dad and me outside after school passing an hour or two before dinner. I started looking online.

Basketball is social and I enjoyed the company of the guys. But I could improve if I got a practice hoop to enjoy in my infrequent free time. My Goth friends would be aghast. The basketball contingency is not the same bunch. If it were, we would blast our music on the court to get us going. Ha! Can you imagine that? Not really. Meanwhile, I am looking for a good spot for the hoop and the right brand. I will check on YouTube for installation instructions. It is likely to be there, like everything else. I once used a video to learn about restoring and boosting a friend’s amp. It is all there!