I’m with the Band

I am so glad that my father was an amateur carpenter and passed on a few tips to me over the years. When I wanted to run off and join friends in the park or wander about town, he insisted on a few basic lessons in woodworking. After a while I got into it and learned to fashion some nice items—both practical and pretty. I once made an attractive shelf unit for mom all painted in garden vines. I am not sure where that talent came from. Dad stuck to the construction and demonstration of tools. It was all I needed for most efforts.

While I haven’t done any woodworking in years, the old skills were brought to mind when a friend complained about his amp. He is in a band, a group I admire. They are in the genre of Goth that I like best. They have the perfect sound for my taste and are an exemplar of our local underground culture. I follow their schedule and like to appear without notice in various venues, as long as they are public. I wanted to help build a wooden box for the amp to make it sound better. It wouldn’t be just a mundane contraption. I would exert myself to produce something effective that would make a difference.

It took a little research on how sound systems work, particular in regard to amps. It isn’t about electrical connections but a matter of boosting the output. As with everything else in the universe, there are YouTube videos galore. What would us do-it-yourselfers do without that platform? It is clearly not a matter of upping the volume as one might expect. A good wood box of the right thickness can enhance the amp’s operation. If it is a good-quality unit, it probably has good sound already; but if it is an old one of a lower grade, you can make it work with a little ingenuity. For starters, it saves money while you wait to find out.

With the help of a friend who has all of this equipment (and a few skills), he used his circular saw to cut the pieces of wood to size, and then we assembled it. When I saw my handiwork on stage at one venue, I was super proud to be part of the band. Frankly, I don’t know how much difference the custom box made without a side-by-side comparison, but the band was happy and praised me to the skies. This is what friends are for. I don’t think woodworking is going to be my life’s work, but it was fun to see that I still had the knack. To keep me in shape, I may take up some small new projects on weekends. Maybe someday I will pass on my knowledge to someone else.